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My Work

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Field studies and affinities

I have included examples of a couple of design documents, and a couple of web sites I have created over the years.

I will be adding posts that talk about individual challenges that I have taken on as time goes

Need to see more? Use the contact page and send me a request.



Example 3 (External Link)

KungFu Wise - Martial arts site for MonkWise martial arts academy

Two martial art sites I created for MonkWise Martial Arts AcademyKungFu Wise
Salt Lake KungFu

Example 4 (External Link)

Classical Trombonist Mark Broschinsky

Two more classical performer sites
The Guidonian Hand

Content Creation

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Creating content takes patience and courage. It becomes easier over the years, and I enjoy the feedback I receive, both positive and negative. I was raised by a family of teachers, and I have had some great examples. I look forward to new opportunities to learn and teach from my content creation activities.

Go here to find articles and reviews I have written:

Go here to watch a presentation I made at AgileRoots 2009 on using Personas in an Agile world. (As well as information on other presentations I have given.

Writing Samples

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I never appreciated how hard it is to string coherent thoughts together in a long document until I had to do it for a living. I have included links to some of my published works.


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I enjoy giving presentations.  It is nerve racking, at times, to be in front of the crowd, but it is easier for me to see and understand if the audience is understanding what I hope to communicate.

I started giving yearly presentations while working at Primavera Systems, Inc. at their User Conference.  I have recently presented at Agile 2008, Agile Roots 2009 and 2010.

Here is link to my Agile Roots 2009 presentation: Using Personas in an Agile Environment


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I come from a family of teachers.  My mother has taught elementary school for as long as I remember.  I enjoy teaching, and I take every opportunity I can.  Lately I have helped lecture at the University of Utah for the Communications department.  My lectures have focused on how to look at site creation from a user point of view.

The classes are Comm 3510: Introduction to Web Design and Comm 5510: Advanced Web Design

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