Online CV for David Broschinsky


Every good project should start with research. This is a time-lapse taken of my team as they work on building an affinity shortly after having performed over 50 interviews at the Ivanti user conference.

You may be interested in the work I did while working at HealthEquity, Ivanti, and my consulting company, Usable Patterns. You may also be interested in reviewing my discussion concerning Dashboards. These are behind a password as some of the information included is confidential. Please contact me and ask for the password if you are reviewing my work as a client or potential employer.

Starting an affinity exercise

Planning out through diagrams, cartoons, and affinities. Have you ever read XKCD? Quite a successful cartoon, mainly because the content and context are compelling. The cartoons you put together don’t need to be picture perfect, but the story they tell needs to ring true. This applies to personas, user journeys, and feature stories as well.


An app created to help divorced families schedule time with the least amount of friction possible.

A quick movie showing the interaction of a chat bot we were working on for Ivanit.